COVID Precautions Causing New Pain?

Has your back and neck been acting up since being home for CO-vid precautions?
It makes sense for many reasons. People are sleeping more, sitting more, using laptops, cell phones for longer periods of time. As a general rule of thumb change positions frequently. Don’t slouch sit in a supportive chair or get a lumbar support.when on laptops or phones try not to flex neck keep head level with the screen.
I tell my pts with back and neck pain to set phone alarm(egg-timer)30 mins. Get up stretch, walk, go get a glass of ice tea. Then sit again.
If you develop tingling or numbness in arms or legs your pinching or irritating a nerve. This would be a good time to use inversion table(if you have one) if you have a pool you can use floatation device underarms or under the head. This would help unpinch the nerves.

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Are you in pain?

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