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Water Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain are two of the most common reasons driving people to seek medical help. Whether your pain is new or you’ve been living with it for months, it can have a significant impact on your ability to perform your normal day-to-day activities, and diminish your quality of life.  Though there are many […]

Pillows, Mattresses and How They Affect Your Back

There are few things more inviting after a long day then a bed that’s piled high with pillows. Unfortunately, what is supposed to provide comfort and renewal may actually be causing your neck and back pain. There are plenty of potential reasons for back pain, but if your mornings are notably difficult because you’re waking […]

Working Safely at the Computer

An estimated 65 million Americans sit in front of a computer for work, and more than half of Americans have a computer at home too. We know that sitting for long periods isn’t good for you under any circumstances, but when you combine hours of sitting with computer use you have a recipe for back […]

Shoes Will Affect Your Neck and Back

Just as the stability of a house or building is dependent upon the sturdiness of its foundation, the human body’s stability and balance depend on our feet, and the support that we provide to them. Though neck and back pain can arise from accident or injury, poor posture and many other sources, a large portion […]

Back Pain Treatment Options: What You Need to Know About a Laminectomy

Throughout life, we all deal with some back pain now and then. Strenuous activity, sleeping in an awkward position or pulling a muscle can all result in a little back discomfort. If your pain doesn’t resolve itself or gets worse over the course of a few weeks, it’s important to see a specialist to diagnose […]

Find Relief Treating Herniated Discs

The vertebral column in humans is divided into four distinct sections. Consisting of seven small bones, the lumbar spine defines the neck area. The atlas and axis are perhaps the most notable components of the lumbar spine. Featuring 12 bones, the thoracic spine runs just below the shoulder blades. Defining the lower back, the lumbar […]

How Can I Fix Bulging Discs?

In addition to facilitating flexibility, the discs located in your spinal column provide cushioning that decrease the pressure on the vertebrae. A herniated, or bulging, disc occurs when this shock-absorbing cartilage moves out of its normal position. Potential reasons for herniated discs include excess weight, repetitive movements or natural degeneration of the spine. When this […]

Enjoy Relief with Pinched Nerve Treatment

A pinched nerve can be a source of pain that not only affects the area surrounding the nerve but radiates down any extremities attached to the nerve. In addition to pain, this condition can lead to weakness, loss of function, numbness, and tingling. Here at the office of Craig C. Callewart, MD, we encourage you […]

Change Your Life with Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. The upper back bends outward while the lower back bends inward and thus creates an elongated S-shape. A person is diagnosed with scoliosis if their curvature is over ten degrees. Thankfully, scoliosis treatment is available for those dealing with the condition. Scoliosis is most common in children between […]

Neck Pain Relief: Unexpected Benefits

When you have severe pain in your neck, it can begin to impact other areas of your body. Your shoulders will likely begin to ache as well as your head and upper back. There are several causes as to why you could be hurting along with quite a few unexpected benefits that you can see […]

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