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Travel Comfortably to Prevent Neck and Back Pain

Don’t Let Neck and Back Pain Affect Your Ability to Travel Riding in a vehicle is difficult due to bumps and turns. If you suffer from neck and back problems, getting in and out can be a painful experience. With so many types of vehicles – and so many different types of neck and back […]

You Deserve a Great, Pain-Free Night’s Sleep

Dallas Orthopedic Spine Specialist Dr. Craig C. Callewart discusses nighttime neck and back pain prevention. Just as the mind needs a good night’s sleep to  work well the next day, muscles need sleep to recover from soreness. If you  sleep well, you will have less pain the next day. Your muscles will be less  sore […]

8 Tips for Pain Prevention at the Computer

If you’re a frequent computer user, eyestrain, neck fatigue, back pain and Carpal Tunnel syndrome can greatly reduce your quality of life. The following helpful suggestions can make your workplace safer, more comfortable, and less stressful. Top of screen needs to be eye level (or lower, for bifocal wearers). Screen should be 15 to 32 […]

What Is Kyphoplasty?

Compression fractures in the spine can cause unimaginable pain which prevents victims from living fulfilling lives. A compression fracture occurs when a part or all of a spine bone collapses. When the resulting bone fragments rub against each other, they make it difficult for the patient to move freely. At the office of Craig C. […]

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