Steps You Can Take to Relieve Back Pain

woman showing perfect fitness posture

There are millions of Americans who suffer from back pain.  For some it’s a minor annoyance – something that they are aware of when they first wake up, but which works its way out after a few minutes of stretching and walking around.  For others, it poses significant challenges to their ability to pursue their favorite activities. While others are unable to even pursue daily activities and chores around the house.

There are steps you can take to improve your situation.  If your pain is impeding your ability to function, then you need to make an appointment with a qualified and experienced physician who can provide you with proper medical attention and treatment.

However, for those experiencing less intense pain, there are exercises, postural changes, and other steps to provide you with long lasting relief that you can do on your own.  

Read through these suggestions.  Try any or all of them! We believe that you’ll see a real difference, but if your pain persists, contact us to make an appointment for a virtual consultation.

Get Out of Bed

Though there was a time that physicians recommended bed rest for people with back pain, those days are long gone.  Now we know that extended lack of movement can actually make your back pain worse. 

Get Moving

Exercise and movement are often the best remedy for back pain.  You don’t need to do anything too challenging, in fact, going for a walk may be the best option.  While walking, we tend to assume the most natural and beneficial posture. Try to keep your eyes ahead and your head up.

Stand Up Straight

Speaking of keeping your head up, the better your posture, the more your pain will be alleviated. Even if your pain didn’t originate from your slouching, if your shoulders are hunched forward, you’re making it worse.

Did you know, your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball?  When you let your head hang forward it puts more pressure on your back.

Instead, imagine yourself suspended from the ceiling by a ribbon attached to the top of your head. Now, try to maintain that posture.

Core Strength is Critical

You mainly think of sit-ups and crunches as a way to flatten your stomach but abdominal muscles, a part of your core muscles, serve a much more important purpose of stabilizing your spine and providing firm support and to reduce strain on your back.  

While these steps are a good starting point, if you are still in pain please contact our office and we can set up a consultation to go over your concerns.  We understand how much pain can interfere with your daily life and we are dedicated to providing you with solutions that work best for you and your lifestyle.  

Other Insights

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