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Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

Dr. Callewart and I have been treating Spine patients for over 35 years and these are the most common complaints and questions we get asked

Why does my low back hurt? This has many answers.

I try to keep it as common sense as possible. Your spine is like a car with more mileage the parts wear down. It can depend on how you drove the car, over a rough road past the speed limit, Overloaded with too much weight in the trunk. Never rotate the tires or change the oil.

Meaning you had a heavy labor type job with a lot of bending, overweight, never exercise, and sometimes trauma. Or sometimes you could just get a lemon out of the factory meaning genetic deformity.

Other Insights

Are you in pain?

Most patients experiencing pain can be seen by Dr. Callewart or his physician assistant within 24 hours in Dallas, Forney, Rockwall and Addison, Texas.