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Micro Discectomy / Laminectomy

If you have been suffering from pain, numbness or weakness in your back, then you might need a micro discectomy or laminectomy. Both can provide the relief you need and ensure that you have a fantastic recovery. Learn more about these treatments as well as the other ones we offer by scheduling a consultation with our team at the office of Craig C. Callewart, M.D., P.A. in Addison or Dallas, TX.

A microdiscectomy be necessary if you have experienced an injury or trauma of the spine. It can cause herniated discs to rupture, pushing them out of place, leaving them pressed against spinal nerves.  

Alternatively, a laminectomy helps reduce the pain from spinal stenosis. This is caused by degenerative changes through the facet joints in the lower region of the back. This once again puts pressure on the nerves, leading to both pain and discomfort. Through a laminectomy, the bone and bone spurs are removed while the ligaments are repaired to take the pressure off the nerves.

What to Expect

If you have a microdiscectomy, the treatment will be completed under general anaesthesia. Only small incisions are made at the location of the disc that is herniated. Our surgeon will use a retractor to remove parts of the bone, so there is a clear view of the spinal nerve. The damaged disc is removed and then replaced with new bone material.

A laminectomy can be completed using traditional open surgery, however, most surgeons will opt for similar minimally-invasive surgery. Again, this involves tiny incisions to remove small parts of the bone, trim the disc and provide more space.

Are These Treatments Right for You?

These are not the first recommended treatment options for those who are suffering from spinal pain. However, they are recommended for anyone suffering from long-term pain. Get in touch now to find about more about the results of this type of surgery. Typically, individuals between 40 and 60 are most likely to need this type of treatment. Be aware that there are many causes of back pain and these surgeries will only help you if the pain is caused by nerve compression.

Benefits of These Procedures

There are many benefits of these procedures to consider. First, each procedure only takes about one hour due to the minimal level of surgery required. This also leads to a faster recovery time and you will only need to remain in hospital care for around three days. Full recovery can be anywhere between two and eight weeks. However, you will be able to return to most normal daily activities after just 14 days.

Do you think this type of surgery could solve your back pain or discomfort? Get in touch with the educated staff at the office of Craig C. Callewart, M.D., P.A. to discover more about this treatment and how it could benefit you. Contact our offices in Addison or Dallas, TX to schedule your consultation today!

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