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Referred pain

When suffering through pain it might be easy to focus on the area you are noticing the most issue from. Sometimes, your pain may have an alternate source. Dr. Callewart has helped many patients to understand different types of referred pain and what exactly is the best course of treatment for those pains.

Referred Pain and Their Possible Sources

Woman with headache with red hotspots


Headaches may be caused from pinched nerves in the neck. These nerves send pain into the muscle that attaches on the skull and causes the head to hurt.

Man with upper back pain with red hotspot

Back & Neck Pain

Did you know that back and neck pain can be caused by inflammation, injury, or spinal abnormalities? The bones, ligaments, nerves and muscles of your neck support your head and allow for motion. Pain in this area can sometimes be an indicator of a larger concern which may require the care of an experienced physician.

Woman with shoulder pain with red hotspot

Shoulder Pain

Did you know that shoulder pain can be a result of poor posture or other spinal related issue? Shoulder pain is very common and is usually a result of injury or tearing, but the pain you feel in your shoulder can also stem from an injury in another part of the body, including the neck and spine.

Man with knee pain with red hotspot

Knee Pain

Knee pain is most commonly caused by injury or muscle damage. But, did know that a prior back, spinal cord injury, or nerve damage can also be an indirect cause of this pain? Back and spinal cord injuries can result in medical conditions like osteoarthritis spinal stenosis, sciatica, and other progressive conditions which, as a result, can affect your gait and posture, potentially impacting other parts of your body.

Ankle pain with red hotspot

Foot & Ankle Pain

Did you know that foot and ankle pain can sometimes be a result of a previous back or spine injury? Back and spine injuries can sometimes result in issues with posture and cause problems with your balance and coordination. Depending on the severity of the injury, pain can potentially manifest in other parts of the body.

Back pain with red hotspot

Back & Spine Pain

Have you started to feel more pain or discomfort in your back? Are you concerned that your experiences may be related to a larger health concern? During the natural aging process, our body begins to go through many natural changes. The production of important factors begins to slow, and this may reduce important cartilage or cushioning within the body. This may lead to chronic pain and discomfort, and many changes may be related to arthritis of the spine.

Person with hip pain with red hotspot

Hip/Lower Lumbar Pain

Do you know the potential causes of hip or lower lumbar pain? Throughout the course of your life your body will experience a series of microtraumas which can include the tearing of muscle, tendons, and stress to the bone. If you experience periodic or chronic pain in these areas of the body, you would most likely benefit from seeing an experienced physician who can assess the potential causes and prescribe the proper course of action.

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