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Referred Pain

Do you occasionally find yourself experiencing “referred pains” in areas of the body other than where you have experienced trauma? They are a common occurrence caused by the natural workings of the nervous system. Learn more about this unique type of pain and treatment options available during a consultation with us at the office of Craig C. Callewart, M.D., P.A., in Addison or Dallas, TX!

What Is Referred Pain?

Referred pain is a condition that causes a sensation of pain in an area of the body that differs from the area of the body where pain has been stimulated. It is a result of the complex nervous system. The brain may interpret nerve signals incorrectly to indicate pain in another area of the body.

This type of pain, which is also known as reflective pain, is often the result of an injury, condition, or weakness in another area of the body. It can also follow a past surgery, whether the procedure was not successful or the end results were not what you expected.

Referred pain may not be constant, but it may be chronic. It often occurs in flares, and it may be irritated by various factors, such as certain activities or certain weather conditions.

Can It Be Treated?

Generally speaking, it is possible for referred pain to be treated. However, it is important to keep in mind the pain most likely cannot be cured or fully eliminated. It is more likely that treatments may help you manage your pain and experiences.

Treatments will vary based on the specific pain experienced, the cause of the pain, and your preferences and lifestyle. Pain management or treatment options for referred pain may include anti-inflammatory medications, joint treatments, or physical therapy. More extensive measures may only be required in extreme measures.

When Should I Seek Medical Care for Referred Pain?

One of the most important things to do is track and manage any pain you experience, especially if it follows a past surgery. If you notice consistent symptoms, it is important to note them. If your pain is on-going, whether you can identify a pattern or not, it is important to seek the opinion of a qualified professional, such as Dr. Callewart.

A consultation with us at either of our Texas locations can help you better understand your condition and experiences. They will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help better manage and reduce your pain.

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Living with chronic pain can be difficult, and it can be even more frustrating when it is caused by a past surgery. Contact us today at the office of Craig C. Callewart, M.D., P.A., and schedule your consultation to learn more about referred pain. Dr. Callewart and his dedicated team of professionals proudly serve Texas with locations in Addison and Dallas. We look forward to helping you live a more comfortable daily life.

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