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Experiencing pain caused by compressed nerve roots?

This surgery creates more space around your spinal nerves. It gets rid of pressure and pinching and can relieve pain, numbness, and weakness linked to spinal nerve compression.

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What Is a Laminotomy?

A laminotomy is an orthopedic procedure designed to remove a portion of the lamina (a portion of your vertebrae) specifically to relieve the pressure that’s causing the nerve compression.

Once the lamina is removed, there is space created for the discs and nerves – acting as a form of spinal decompression.

Why is a Laminotomy Performed?

A laminotomy is a decompression surgery performed as a method of pain management. It helps relieve pain caused by pressure on the spinal cord, by a bulging disc, or herniated disc.

How is a Laminotomy Performed?

A laminotomy is a minimally invasive surgery, where Dr. Callewart will make an incision in your back in the location of the affected vertebrae.

From there, he will gently move the muscles away from the spine as needed, before removing part of the affected lamina – being careful to prevent damage to the surrounding soft tissues.

What Should I Expect After Laminotomy?

When you wake up from your surgery, you may experience soreness and stiffness for 2-3 days. This will be treated with pain medication and monitored by Dr. Callewart.

Typically, full pain relief is felt within weeks – and full recovery takes place in around 6 weeks with physical therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laminotomy

1. Is laminotomy a major surgery?
Yes. While it is minimally invasive, and recovery time is minimal, it does require a deep incision and your daily activities will be limited during your recovery post-surgery.

2. How long does a laminotomy surgery take?
The surgery itself takes up to 3 hours, depending on the severity of your condition, and recovery takes up to 6 weeks.

Are you in pain?

Most patients experiencing pain can be seen by Dr. Callewart or his physician assistant within 24 hours in Dallas, Forney, Rockwall and Addison, Texas.

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