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Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

Experiencing pain caused by a herniated disc or pressure on your sciatic nerve?

This minimally-invasive procedure relieves pressure on nerve roots, eliminating your pain.

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What Is Lumbar Disc Microsurgery?

Lumbar disc microsurgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery, for patients suffering from back pain caused by a herniated disc in their lower spine.

This kind of procedure is focused on removing the portion of a lumbar disc that is herniated, causing pressure to be put on the spinal nerve root.

Why is Lumbar Disc Microsurgery Performed?

This kind of surgery is necessary to prevent or stop severe pain from a herniated disc. Without treatment, the herniated portion of your spinal disc will continue to press against your spinal nerves, compressing them and triggering pain signals to be sent to your brain while potentially also limiting mobility.

This treatment allows for that pain to be alleviated.

How is a Lumbar Disc Microsurgery Performed?

Lumbar disc microsurgery is minimally invasive, which means it’s performed entirely through a small incision in the lower back.

The muscles are moved out of the way, so Dr. Callewart can find and reach the necessary disc. The procedure will typically take anywhere from one to two hours and will be completed under general anesthesia.

What Should I Expect After a Lumbar Disc Microsurgery?

After the surgery has been completed, you may experience some pain or tenderness. This will typically resolve itself within the following week.

Some patients will experience complete relief from their painful symptoms immediately, but others will see their pain lower in the days and weeks after the procedure or with the care of a physical therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

1. How long after lumbar disc microsurgery until I can walk?
Typically patients will be up and walking around within 24 hours of the surgery.

2. What can I not do after lumbar disc microsurgery?
Dr. Callewart will give you specific details for your unique medical case, but typically you should not drive, should avoid prolonged sitting, and avoid lifting more than 5 pounds.

Are you in pain?

Most patients experiencing pain can be seen by Dr. Callewart or his physician assistant within 24 hours in Dallas, Forney, Rockwall and Addison, Texas.

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