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Physical Therapy

If you have problems moving your body, physical therapy can help. It can control your pain and help you recover from injury or disease. Physical therapy can also help you get better after surgery. Utilizing physical therapy helps keep you healthy as you get older.

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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a common practice that offers diverse benefits. Generally speaking, it involves targeted stretches and exercises to treat specific concerns. It may be recommended to:

  • Enhance mobility
  • Promote better functions of the body
  • Reduce chronic pain

Physical therapy for the back may be recommended to address injuries, conditions, or other natural changes. It may be recommended as a standalone treatment practice, or it may be included to help prepare for or recover from a more involved procedure.

If you have long-lasting muscle pain, myofascial release may help. This therapy targets the layer of tissue that covers your muscles. It’s called the “fascia.” It can become tight, and lead to sensitive places called “trigger points.” Myofascial release can help relax your fascia to reduce your pain.

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Why or is Performed? Why is Physical Therapy Performed?

Most people who are experiencing chronic pain and a lack of mobility may be able to benefit from this type of treatment. It may be a good alternative for those who are uninterested in or unable to undergo surgical treatment. Similarly, it may be recommended to those who have undergone other treatments or procedures to enhance healing and promote better, more comfortable results.

A consultation with our staff in Texas can help determine if this is the best option for you and your experiences. They will work with you to develop your unique treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain optimal comfort.

How is Physical Therapy Performed?

Physical therapy will be different for each person and their condition. The process begins with a consultation to discuss your experiences. A member of our staff will examine your concerns and provide a diagnosis. Based on your diagnosis, your plan may include:

  • Corrective exercises
  • Strengthening movements
  • Stretches

What Should I Expect After Physical Therapy?

The goals of physical therapy will vary for each person. While the main goal is to provide physical relief, it may also provide some mental or emotional relief. Regaining your mobility, comfort, and function can help you feel better overall.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

1. Is physical therapy worth it for back pain?
Though it is not a cure, physical therapy can help not only with back pain but also to increase mobility and flexibility.

Are you in pain?

Most patients experiencing pain can be seen by Dr. Callewart or his physician assistant within 24 hours in Dallas, Forney, Rockwall and Addison, Texas.

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Arthritis of the Spine

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