What is Lumbar Disc Herniation?

When you have severe pain in your back, it’s important to find the cause as it can be debilitating if you let it go over time. One cause is lumbar disc herniation. There are several causes as to why a herniated disc can occur, but there are also treatments that our doctor can use to relieve your pain.

There are small bones that make up your spine that have rubbery cushions between them. If the cushions weren’t there, then the bones would rub together. Each cushion has a soft center with a harder exterior. When the center of the disc begins to push through the exterior because of a tear resulting from damage or simply from overuse, it results in a herniated disc. The nerves that are in the area of the disc herniation can become irritated, causing severe pain when you move in certain ways or while you’re just sitting or standing still. You could experience numbness in one or both legs and in one or both arms. Sometimes, you might not have any symptoms at all until you do turn your body in a certain way. Fortunately, surgery usually isn’t required to treat the issue.

A herniated disc usually occurs in the lower part of your spine. However, it can also occur in the upper area near your neck. These are usually the most active points of your spine compared to the middle area of your back. When there’s a herniated disc in the lower area of your back, you’ll usually notice pain in your legs, thighs, or feet. The pain that you feel might not occur until you do something that causes a sudden movement in your back, such as coughing. Numbness is another common symptom of disc herniation. Although you can usually still walk around and move, you’ll experience numbness or a tingling sensation when you stop moving or while you’re trying to perform tasks during the day.

When you begin having numbness associated with lumbar disc herniation, you need to seek assistance from a doctor. The damage that is present can begin to get worse, which can result in even more pain.

Visit the office of Craig C. Callewart, MD PA to have X-rays or other scans performed to determine if you have lumbar disc herniation. You can also get more information about what it is and the symptoms to look for if you suspect that this is the cause of your pain. Contact us today to book your appointment at our Dallas or Addison location.

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  • "I have had the best experience with Dr. Callewart, his PA Joe, and the entire office staff. Everyone there is kind and friendly and helpful. I recently had surgery with Dr. Callewart and I have been very impressed with my recovery. I would recommend his 10 times over."

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    Paul Cothren in Dallas, TX
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    Hayley Williams

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